ArquiBio 2013

June 17 – 2010- Bio_Machining

In the third part of the workshop, the attention will be focused in how the complex scientific concepts provided by the observation of biological processes may be connected to architecture professional practice by the creative use of digital technologies. The evolution of the cybernetics and biological inspired software, as well as the various morphing processes and solutions enabled by the use of generative software, are also explored in this part.

Teachers and collaborators:
Mauro Costa, Pablo Baquero, Effimia Giannopoulou, Eleni Kolovou, Tiago Barros.
Andre Cruz, Jorge Arias Olaiz, Raquel Margarido, Rui Filipe Vieira Cruz Nunes, Telma , Pedro,  Maurizio Magrassi, Isa Clara Neves. * all rigths reserved *