ArquiBio 2013

3. Bio_Machining

Processes of materialization, relating robotics with architecture and bionic design. Production of phenotypes or physical models.

Processos de materialização, relacionando a robótica com a arquitectura e o design biónico. Produção de fenótipos ou modelos físicos.

Procesos de materialización, relacionando la robótica con la arquitectura y el diseño biónico. Producción de fenótipos o modelos físicos.

Tempo:  4 h + 4 h/ 10h – 12h , 14h- 20h

(Os participantes poderão  materializar os protótipos no Porto em máquinas de corte laser ou através de outras tecnologias CNC.)

(Los participantes podrán materializar los proyectos  en Oporto en máquinas de corte Laser o a través de otras tecnologías CNC.)

Software: Rhinoceros 4.0 (licença de demonstração) + Plug-in: RhinoCAM 2.0 (licença de demonstração)

In the third part of the workshop, the attention will be focused in how the complex scientific concepts provided by the observation of biological processes may be connected to architecture professional practice by the creative use of digital technologies. The evolution of the cybernetics and biological inspired software, as well as the various morphing processes and solutions enabled by the use of generative software, are also explored in this part.

In summary, the morphologic analogies lie on the emulation of natural shapes and additionally, the genetic process analogy starts with the development of parameterized models and then continues with the manipulation of the corresponding code following generative rules. With the aim of stimulating the “bio-logics” applied by the architecture researchers, the knowledge application should be done into the complex decision making process involved in sustainability issues. * all rigths reserved *