ArquiBio 2013

Arquibio 2013: Workshops and Lectures

Generative Design, Generative Architecture, Biomimicry, Sustainability, Robotics, Parametric Design, Parametric Architecture

Coimbra University, Portugal.

May 13 until 18, 2013

“ArquiBio is a series of international lectures and workshops on topics of Architecture and Design linked with the Bio-Logic. It is intended to allow lecturers and visiting scholars to obtain a convergence between current Bio-Logical and Architectural knowledge, bringing light to recent advances in this field.

The premise which depart from the fusion between biological and technological world is nowadays a reality that cannot be ignored. Computers and robotics prove to be capable of releasing the architects and designers from a catalog architecture, based on preconceived images.

The aim is to propose new fields of interaction in which complex processes similar to those that occur in nature take the center stage, allowing a more consistent connection with the living environment.” * all rigths reserved *